Canadian inflation outlook for 2024

The Canadian economy is currently experiencing unparalleled growth, and predictions suggest major economic stability and a lower inflation rate for the country in the next 10 years. As we look ahead to 2024, many economic analysts project a period of generally strong price stability, with moderate increases in the rate of inflation.

An Overview of Canadian Inflation

Inflation is the general increase in the cost of goods and services over time. It occurs as core commodity prices rise due to natural market fluctuations. These include staples like food and energy, but also more specialized items like cars and housing. In Canada over recent decades, inflation has been quite low and historically constant. In 2018, it sat at 2.5%, slightly up from the 1.9% observed two years prior, but still well below the 3% recorded in 2015.

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Inflation in Canada is affected by two separate forces- total purchasing power of consumer spending, and raw commodity prices. The collective strength of consumer spending is determined by job opportunity, income level, and consumer confidence, while commodity prices are heavily influenced by global and regional economic activities, trends in the global market, and natural events such as drought or climatic shifts. By examining both economic and commodity pricing through 2024, it is possible to make predictions for how inflation in Canada will be in 4 years time.

Current Inflation in Canada: 2019–2023

The predictions for the next five years suggest overall prices stability as opposed to any major shifts in inflation rate. The labour market in Canada is expected to experience modest job growth during periods of moderating global economic growth over the short-term. This will create stabilization in both wages and total consumer spending, preventing spikes that might potentially drive up inflation.

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Meanwhile, commodity prices, barring any kind of unforeseen events, are largely expected to remain steady. Since 2017, global oil prices have been steadily increasing, with prices in Canada dragged up along with them. Of course, with so many unpredictable global and local influences, the current track record doesn’t necessarily guarantee sustained prices four years into the future. Still, projections by Canadian economists make the more than likely outcome one of moderate inflation.

The Outlook for Canadian Inflation in 2024

Overall, analysts suggest a rather consistent outlook for inflation in Canada over the next four years between 2 and 3%. This stability is expected despite potential volatility in the labour market due to the possibility of downside risks in global economic performance. Canadian employment, and consequently consumer confidence, isn’t forecast to experience any unexpected large shifts.

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Additionally, the Bank of Canada, which plays a significant role in setting and maintaining inflation levels, is expected to keep benchmark interest rates unchanged. This indicates overall monetary stability through 2024, thereby also responsible for sustaining price levels. And while short-term price increases can’t be ruled out, none are projected to be significant in terms of a large scale impact on prices or the national economy going into 2025.


The outlook for Canadian inflation in 2024 appears positive, with moderates levels of average increases to be expected. Any potential short-term volatility due to consumer spending or global economic conditions should be effectively offset to ensure sustained price levels. As such, it is likely that inflation in Canada will remain low and healthy over the next five years, placing the country in strong economic standing as it moves into the next decade.

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